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Our concept is to offer you the best Chinese cuisines combined with the thousand years of Chinese culture. We are proud to be different, giving you classic Cantonese as well as Sichuan dishes, offering you an exceptional eating experience.
百年木板門,千载石板路。漫游錦官故里,争仰蜀相遺徽。射弩、 織綿、客棧,酒肆,變臉,銅锣声声,追寻逝水年华;刺绣、竹编、 当铺,茶館,戯園,花轎悠悠, 勾起尘封記忆。結义園中, 两碗綠茶賞川劇;诸葛井里,一眼碧水映風云。兰布幌子, 远摇百种棉图;紅紙燈籠,近照三国食阵。千年洗滌,千年沉淀, 大浪淘沙,文化精髓。我們承載這萃燦千年文化, 開啓一條新的錦里路。川西辣椒,郫縣豆瓣醬,保寧醋,漢源花椒, 新繁泡菜,涪陵的榨菜,永川豆豉,自貢鹽, 我們用最上佳的材質和最正宗的調料演示中華飲食文化的巔峰。
Our Service:
We endeavored to give every customer new eating experience, the finest food and quality service.   Our aim is that every customer leaves 8 TREASURES feeling that little bit happier and more relaxed than when they came in.

Our restaurant can be seated up to 120 - 150 people.
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Opposite Ealing Broadway Tube Station
2 - 3 Central Buildings
The Broadway
W5 2NT